A Cup of Tea & a list of London’s top Tea Parlours

It’s been far too long since I have posted anything, primarily because I have been overly occupied over the past month. I’ve moved into a new apartment (exciting!) and been on a few middle eastern excursions to the far east and the north of the Mediterranean but also a great opportunity to explore some new places and flavours. I’ve got a few blog posts in mind I’ll be working on for the next few weeks.

What’s been at hand for me lately? Well, I have missed baking- immensely! Uprooting to another country means I’ve left all my baking goodies behind (my KitchenAid couldn’t fit in my suitcase) but I’m all set to get back into the baking scene. I’ve got a new look for the blog and ideas to keep me busy for a while.

The winter is fast approaching, warm cuppas and hearty meals have been priorities to keeping it together through November. Libya was no place for zero degree mornings, so the new adjustment has taken me and my husband by surprise. It’s amazing how quickly the body adjusts to different climates, the cold is taking just that little longer. The naked trees dressed in fairy lights, thin blankets of dirty white covering the morning skies all the while London continues on, heating on the underground trains and christmas carol singers in the corners of city roads.

With all these new big changes in my life, it has been a time for huge self-reflection. What have I come to achieve in the past five years? What did I learn from my time in Libya and where do I want to be with my career, aspirations, hobbies, family for the years to come? The new year drawing near I’ve been spending a lot of time reeling over many a things. Starting a blog was one of my priorities as an aspiration, but the internal struggle of decided what to write about and what to focus on had been a huge one for me. What is it that I want to blog about? Is it art, photography, baking, travel perhaps, all these things I’ve tried to merge into one blog that represents it all.

With those thoughts, I have been meeting my friends and talking over cups of tea. From Hampstead to South Kensington, my tea adventures have taken me across all corners of the Capital. I’ve decided to put together a list of my top 5 favourite tea parlours in London, that I’ll leave for your discovery next time your in the city.

5. La Patisserie Des Reves ~ South Kensington

I stumbled upon this with a friend after we saw the Wildlife Photographer Exhibition at the Natural History Museum. Situated just across the road, this is a 21st century take on traditional french bakery and tea room. Exquisitely pink and intoxicatingly chic, this very modernised and simplistic Patisserie makes desserts from the heart of Paris.  Their tea menu is just as good as their edible creations- traditional yet stylish. If your in South Kensington or spending a day at the museums- stop by and give it a try. You’re advised to book a table as it does accommodate only a few customers.


4. Camellia’s Teahouse ~ Carnaby Street

Away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford St and Regents St, tucked on the second floor of Kingly Court in Carnaby, this very english Teahouse has a lovely atmosphere about it, as well as a large range of teas- from herbal to traditional. Their offers of Cream Tea is just as good. They purely boast on tea- so no tasty desserts to show off here, just a refreshing experience with some calm and cosy ambiance.

3. Fortnum & Mason The Parlour ~ Piccadilly

Well, it doesn’t get more english than this really. A fabulously classic department store, with some fabulously classic tea. You can purchase your own loose leaf tea from their large tea selection, but if you’d like the Fortnum & Mason experience, a cup of tea here could cost you up to £7.00, but it is very much worth it.

10710898_10152783645879732_4871179410492789629_n copy

2. Bake-A-Boo ~ West Hampstead

Hampstead is perfect for a Tea Room, and Bake-A-Boo describe themselves as simply darling- I couldn’t put it better myself. A Bakery as well as caterers for social events, this splendid hideaway in West Hampstead has just the right level of cute, cosy, elegance and englishness! They serve some of the best Afternoon Tea I’ve had, this place has really nailed it.


1. Ladurée ~ Covent Garden

This has to be top on my list, because I have an insatiable appetite for it. The tea is splendid, the atmosphere is beautiful, the tableware is charmingly picturesque. Ladurée Covent Garden is positioned in one of London’s hotspots. A very elegant place, and very french too. Some of the finest macaroons and desserts that compliment the tea perfectly. Not overly expensive, this has to be my favourite go to place for a good chat, good tea and in a beautiful location.





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